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Fabric Pumpkin Home Decor Tutorial #craft

Festive table-scapes are fun ways to incorporate decoration into the home.  Our dining table is the usual catch-all of school papers, sunglasses, the day’s craft leftovers and water glasses so creating something decorative pushes us to clean up our messes. An for some reason I’m obsessed with pumpkins this year!

Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial

These decorative pumpkins can be found in favorite shops for hefty price tags. I’ve seen a gorgeous velvet ruby red variety for upwards of $30. I’m not one to spend that kind of money for decorations. I’m the kind of person to make my own. Using scrap fabrics I created some pumpkins of my own to decorate for years to come.


  • Fabrics of your choice
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • embroidery thread, raffia, ribbon
  • batting
  • stem, real or made from fabric
  • glue gun


Create a pouch from your fabric. The length and width of your tube will change the shape of your pumpkin so experiment to see what you prefer.

Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial

Fully stuff the tube leaving a couple inches at the top. Loosely fold in the top to cover stuffing.

At the top of your pumpkin start wrapping your twine, raffia, thread or ribbon to create the indentations of your pumpkin. Finish by tying your thread tightly at the top.  Arrange your threads to achieve the pumpkin look you want, fluff with your fingers and hands.

Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial


Add a touch of glue to your stem and shove through the top of your pumpkin into the batting and adjust till it sits how you like it. Arrange on table or shelf to decorate for the holidays.

Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial


3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #crafts

Creating crafts for the holidays is always fun. Giving kids creative opportunities to decorate and personalize anything they can get their hands on. Halloween and Fall is one our favorite times of the year to decorate. Black cats, bats, pumpkins, witches, ghosts and SO MUCH MORE can be used to highlight the season.3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #craft #kids
These paper pumpkins can stick around the house till Thanksgiving and they are easy to make using just 2 supplies, glue and paper. Embellishments can be added but definitely aren’t necessary.

3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #craft #kids
6-8 paper shapes cut from cardstock or heavy weight paper per pumpkin
school glue
3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #craft #kids

Getting the right paper shapes took some time to figure out. Circles seem like the best option but when put together it didn’t work well.  Trimming off a small clean edge will make them stand up straight or you can build a little base like I did out of scrap paper.

Shae traced bowls, fridge magnets and punched heart shapes on a variety of scrapbook paper and cardstock.  I prefer heavy paper because too much glue will make lightweight paper curl and bend easily. And when there are kids there is always too much glue.

3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #craft #kids

To start your pumpkin fold each shape in half. Using school glue attach the outside half of one shape to the outside half of another shape. Make sure they are lined up evenly.

3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #craft #kids

Continue until all the pieces are glued together and you have an accordion looking piece. Now add your pumpkin stem to the middle with a touch of glue. This could be a piece of pipe cleaner, a strip of curled paper, a leaf shape or anything else that comes to mind.

Now it’s time to close up your 3D shape. With a little bending and twisting arrange your pumpkin so the paper is evenly spaced. Set aside to let dry until you find its final display spot.

3D Paper Pumpkins #fall #craft #kids