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My only hair regret #SwitchersRemorse

I’ve spent the better part of my adulthood switching hairstyles like I switch my shoes.  I go from long to short to super short to blonde highlights to jet black and back to super short.  I tell myself it’s only hair.  Usually I end up with something I really like.  I’m not scared of a little color or a bit of neck showing. Melinda's Hairstyles over the years #SwitchersRemorse #VZWBuzz

Melinda's Hairstyles over the years #SwitchersRemorse #VZWBuzzMelinda's Hairstyles over the years #SwitchersRemorse #VZWBuzz

This last time though…whoops.  I definitely had some switchers remorse. I thought let’s take this shorter.  You see my hairstylist a couple weeks previously lightly shaved a hidden strip of hair over my ear. It was cute, subtle but still shocking if I styled it the right way.

As it grew in I wanted more shock so instead of going back to her I took it upon myself to shave off MORE. When the clippers made that first pass my eyes got wide and I said “oh well, no turning back now”.  I ended up with an almost bald patch.  I liked the idea but definitively not the lack of length.

Melinda's Hairstyles over the years #SwitchersRemorse #VZWBuzz

Here I am a couple weeks later and I’m happy with it.  I actually love it.  I get compliments all the time especially from people I don’t expect to like it, like my boss or the old maintenance man.

It’s just hair but for a good solid 2 weeks I definitely had #SwitchersRemorse. Will I keep this cut and style going, YES. Will I be going that short again, NO.
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As a member of a very cool team of influencers for Verizon Wireless I received compensation to share this moment of my life when I had #SwitchersRemorse. The story is true though.

Do you have a story to share about when you were drawn away by the shiny things only to find yourself back to where it started? Have you had your own “SwitchersRemorse?

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