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Using Walgreens Mobile App for Health Management

#cbias disclosure#WalgreensRX #shop #cbiasMom, can you get my prescription refilled!

One would think a 17 year old could handle this on their own. In all honesty she could but as the mom of this clan I like to be in control of the family’s health, medication refills and health information.  I currently make all of doctor’s and clinic appointments, administer medications and am overall the at home doctor so it makes sense that I also control the Walgreen’s App on my smartphone.

Managing Health and Wellness #WalgreensRX #cbias #shop

We use Walgreen’s pretty exclusively for all of our pharmacy and drug store needs.  Our primary store is conveniently located with an additional 2 stores within 3 miles of our home.  I can be found there almost any day of the week running errands, picking up toiletries or stocking up on nail polish.

Walgreens Store via Time Anchor Flickr

walgreens clinic

At home I can set up pill reminders so I stay on track with my cold and flu medications.

In the car I can set up auto prescription refills for maintenance drugs anyone in our family is currently using.

On the sidelines of lacrosse practice I can print prescription histories for our Flexible Spending Account reimbursement.

#WalgreensRX Mobile App #cbias #shop

Walgreens makes managing my home easier and more efficient by allowing me to access important information when I need it wherever I am.

The convenience doesn’t stop with family health either. Upload your instagram account right to your local store and have the pictures waiting for you for your next visit.  Get the latest weekly ad and sale prices at your fingertips while going through your shopping list.

Let #WalgreensRX #collectivebias be a part of your routine to organize your family’s life.

Give a Child a Shot When You Get a Shot #walgreens #giveashot #cbias #shop

disclose #cbias #shopFor the past week and half I’ve been battling a cold. The kids have been back in school less than a month. Coincidence? I think not.

As a mom to 3 kids in school and activities I worry about germs and illness all the time. I encourage hand washing, not sharing personal items, keeping hands to themselves and of course stay on top of immunizations. What I do forget about sometimes is myself. I move along handling all of the kids materials, book bags and lunchboxes not thinking twice about where they’ve been all day.  Now today I walk around the house hacking up a lung and sniffling as if my breathing depends on it, well because it does.

Staying on top of everyday health and wellness is important but so are staying up to date on vaccinations. Have you ever taken a closer look at the Healthcare Clinic at your local Walgreens?  Immunizations such as the flu shot, pneumonia and shingles vaccine are available for walk ins, no appointment necessary.

walgreens #giveashot #cbias #shot

Immunization is one of the world’s biggest public health success stories. Yet, 1 in 5 children still lack access to the lifesaving immunizations that help keep children in the U.S. healthy. Coordinated worldwide vaccination efforts have made significant progress, particularly in reducing cases of measles and polio.

Walgreens #GiveaShot #cbias #shop

Walgreens is stepping up with their Get a Shot Give a Shot program by offering not only easy access to adult immunizations but Now through October 14th, when you get a flu shot or any other immunization at Walgreens or Healthcare Clinic, we’ll help provide a life-saving vaccine through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign.

Shot@Life educates, connects and empowers Americans to champion vaccines as one of the most cost-effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries. A national call to action for a global cause, the campaign rallies the American public, members of Congress, and civil society partners around the fact that together, we can save a child’s life every 20 seconds by expanding access to vaccines. By encouraging Americans to learn about, advocate for, and donate to vaccines, Shot@Life aims to decrease vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give every child a shot at a healthy life.

I'm giving a child a shot@life #giveashot #cbias #shop

There is no appointment necessary and most insurance plans are accepted making this an effortless step towards giving a child a shot at a future. The Shot@life program empowers Americans to help children in underdeveloped countries gain access to disease preventable vaccines.

Visit your local Walgreens Healthcare Clinic or Pharmacy for more information about the health services, immunizations and rewards programs they offer to your community. See how we maneuvered through out Walgreens shopping trip to learn more.

Walgreens Clinic #giveashot #cbias #shop