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The Power of Positive Thinking


A dose of positivity can go a long way in our lives. With the current pandemic situation, it is now more important than ever to find that daily dose.

But how do we find it amidst all this chaos and crisis? Well, the answer is you have to look for it consciously. It might seem daunting at first, but once you let it reach you, the amount of potential that you can unlock within is immense. 

When you are radiating in a positive, happy vibe, your energies are in sync with this universe, and the power to apply the law of attraction is within your hands. 


What is Positive Thinking?

So what exactly is positive thinking? It is the ability to harness a mindset that believes that no matter how difficult a situation is, achieving results, achieving the desired success is possible. This mindset applies not only to your job but also to your social, personal, and day to day lifestyle.

You need to understand that almost half the war is won in your mind when you are on a battlefield. With a brave attitude, strong belief, you can achieve things that may seem impossible to others. If you give up even before trying, no strategy, no plan or weapon can help you win.

Tips to Be Positive

To help you achieve this power of manifestation here some things that might help you:

  • When something sets you into a pessimistic path, divert yourself immediately to any activity that can bring a smile even if it means playing with your dog or cat for a minute
  • Identify your triggers and eliminate them as much a possible
  • Choose an exercise you like and stick to it daily
  • Sleep well
  • Focus on all the good things that have happened in your life and relive those moments in your mind
  • Once you are in the zone of positive vibration, channelize that to envision a future containing more of it
  • Practice gratitude every day
  • Believe in yourself.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done but as I said, in the beginning, to feel positive you have to put in some effort on your part. In these trying times, when it’s difficult to feel motivated or find inspiration, hope is our biggest resort. 

Even in difficulty, positive thoughts can be your candle and bring out the best in you. Once you start exercising this sense of positive energy and incorporate it into your daily life, you will see how your outlook and life in general changes dramatically.

Let’s take the example of this pandemic. It is tough, daunting, and sometimes merely claustrophobic. But if you look at the silver lining, you will notice- how the earth is healing, how wildlife is thriving, how courageous acts of humanity are coming out, the carbon emission is lowering at record levels, vaccines are developing at an incredible pace and how you have got all the time in the world to work on yourself! 

This is one of the many instances where you can channel your mind to think in the light of positivity and liberate yourself into a happier self at the end of the day.


Just like all good things, positive thinking is also a matter of practice. But if you can bring it out and unleash its full potential, you will be surprised ho much you can accomplish. From career to health, an attitude can make all the difference. So be positive, trust yourself, and have faith that everything will be okay!