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Monkey See Monkey Doo

Our kids as well as Melinda and I are fans of the Carnival Games series for Wii and were pretty excited when we heard about Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do for the Xbox 360 Kinect and thankfully were offered a copy for review.

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do has 20 awesome games like fling rings, pop darts, test your strength and many more. I thought the test your strength game was pretty cool on the Kinect since you swing like you have a hammer in your hands even though you don’t. This is definitely a game for the whole family and an awesome way for the whole family to come together on a Friday night and have a great time.

Key Features:

  • Step right up for a kooky carnival atmosphere with mini games designed exclusively for the motion-sensing Kinect (not included)
  • Jump into the full-body action of 20 party-style games that are fun for players of all ages
  • Try your hand at wacky midway challenges, including Ring Fling, Funnel Cake Falls, Rocket to Mars, Crash-Test Dummy, Pop Darts and more
  • • Re-experience some of your favorite boardwalk classics like Alley Ball, Strength Test, Court King, Golden Arm and Wheel of Chance
  • Voice recognition technology allows The Amazing Wodin to reveal your future, tell you a riddle and present you with a personal wizard name
  • Be crowned the winner to score interactive prizes and surprises abound
  • Take home dragons, robot cowboys, flying bears, ninjas and wacky wearables to dress up your Xbox Live Avatar
  • Kinect motion sensor required; not included
  • For 1 to 2 players

Shaun and eight other kids played this at his birthday party and had a blast. It provided hours of entertainment and the kids were really enjoying this game. To me Carnival Games is one the best entertainment games out there and if you know anyone with the Kinect you should definitely recommend this game to them.

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Tony Hawk: Shred Review

Tony Hawk is a skateboard legend that I admired when I was a teen so when I was asked If I wanted to review Tony Hawk: Shred for Wii I didn’t hesitate.

One of the first things and new features I really like about Tony Hawk: Shred is that this game has skateboarding as well as snowboarding. Now you can Go big! Clear huge gaps, perform over-the-top tricks during massive drops, and ride out roller coaster grinds while you also speed down mountain peaks filled with breathtaking big airs, crazy spins, and incredible flips.

The one thing that is a huge challenge about Tony Hawk: Shred is getting the board to calibrate. The instructions say you need four feet on each side of the board so if you are tight on space this could present a huge problem. It took me about 30 minutes or so to get the board to calibrate but only after moving the Wii to a room where I had more space. Other than this problem everything else went smooth and the game overall is AWESOME!!!!

Shaun got Tony Hawk: Ride last year and really likes Tony Hawk: Shred more and he says that is because he can skateboard as well as snowboard. He is still getting use to the board and game functions but I am sure he will have this game down in no time.

If you know some one who is a skateboard and or snowboard fan you need to recommend Tony Hawk: Shred.  Tony Hawk: Shred is available for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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