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You Can #FightChildHunger

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Most of you should know about the efforts we put forth this past spring working with ConAgra Foods, Feeding America and the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  With a little bit of work and a lot of neighborhood, family and friend support we were able to raise a couple hundred bucks and over 400lbs of food for the Baltimore, MD community.

I heard from lots of you saying that you really wanted to get involved and do something in your own neighborhoods but were short on time. I’m here to tell you there is still time to host your own neighborhood rally with Child Hunger Ends Here.  Simply register your rally and you will be sent banners, coupons and more; everything you need for a successful and FUN event.

Our family went big and had a Neighborhood Block Party but it doesn’t have to be so large scale for you.
Host a food drive with your church or set up a lemonade stand at the end of your street. Get your friends and community involved, contact local news and radio stations for announcement information, post flyers at the grocery stores, daycare centers and coffee shops.  With just a little work you can do something grand for the 17 million children who are hungry right now in the United States.

Take the pledge, take a stand, take a step towards ending childhood hunger today.  I would love to hear about your efforts and events!

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