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She’s a Teenager Today

How can that be? I remember driving to the hospital in labor. I remember my 1st Mother’s Day. I remember her 1st Christmas. I remember her 1st day of Kindergarten. We wear the same shoe size. We watch the same tv shows. This is soooooo hard right now. She’s a young woman but she still calls me mommy and still hugs and kisses me good morning and good night and when she leaves the house. She’s beautiful and I don’t want the cruel world tainting her. I don’t want her to experience the heartache of love and loss. I don’t want her to know how dark and evil some people can actually be. I want her to see the good that is out there. I want her to share everything that is special about her. She is going to make a difference in this world I just know it.

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl Sabreena, I’m love you so much and am so very proud of you and everything that you do.

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