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Bad Mommy Moment

I had my 1st really bad mommy moment with Shae.
I was standing at the screen door waving bye to the little girls I watch. They got in their car so I turned away and pushed the door closed and locked it. I stood in the foyer for several seconds as Sabreena was walking towards. We talked for a couple seconds and I glanced around looking for Shae and then I heard a muffled talking. I turned towards the closet knowing she likes to grab hats out of the basket of winter gear. At that exact moment I realized what I had done. I closed and locked the door with Shae still looking out of the screen door. I yelled for Rob as I was opening the door but actually couldn’t stop laughing. She wasn’t affected, she was still waving to the girls but it broke my heart that I would do that to her. I didn’t even know she was standing at the door and she’s such a shortie that I turned around and didn’t noticed her standing there. So go ahead and pass the award my way, I deserve it.