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Sk8Grl is about More than just Clothes

Being the mom to a teenage girl I have to be conscious of the message that clothing designers send to the market. Sexy isn’t a message I read to well. I’ve found a unique alternative that fits Sabreena’s lifestyle as well as fashion needs.

Started by Holly Lyons, World Cup Skateboarding Champion, is a premier clothing brand created for girls who love skateboarding and the lifestyle. Sk8Grl is also one of the only clothing companies working towards building self-esteem and character in our girls. A Sk8Grl is someone who loves freedom, fun and wants to positively impact her environment.

“Sk8Grl is all about inspiring and empowering girls to follow their dreams, believe in them self and know they can have fun, stay feminine, and rip on a skateboard. Through community and exposure we can make female skateboarding bigger and better”

Holly Lyons was sweet enough to answer some questions from Sabreena. Check out what they had to say.

  1. What/Who got you started skateboarding? I got into skating when I was a teenager. My sister was friends with these pro skaters, so we would go and watch them at a mini ramp at this one guys house. I thought it was so beautiful and I have never been one to just sit and watch. I started dating one of the guys and he hooked me up with a skateboard and some t-shirts.
  2. Who do you look up to in the skateboarding world? I look up to Chris Miller a lot. He owns a successful company, Planet Earth and Adio. He’s a really good person, a great husband and father. He is also the smoothest and most graceful skater I have ever seen. It’s always fun to skate with Chris.
  3. How long do you skateboard in a day? Depends, generally for a couple of hours.
  4. What injuries have you sustained? Many….I just had reconstructive surgery on my wrist, I have torn my mcl on both knees, my left knee twice. I tore my acl snowboarding and had surgery, and was also knocked out for 10 minutes and had a contusion in my brain. That was scary, my mind was skipping a lot for quite a while. I have broken bones in both hands, chronic back pain which is a lot better due to chiropractic work, yoga and exercise. I have had so many cuts, bruises and scrapes I wouldn’t know where to start It’s funny, but they were all worth it at the time and I don’t have any regrets because I learned a lot from every incident.
  5. What advice can you give to teen girls about their futures? Well, everybody is different. Skateboarding is getting bigger and better and there are so more girls skating than ever, which is so cool. I think if you love to skate then skate. If you are skating because you want to be sponsored or get free stuff then you are in it for the wrong reasons. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to withstand the injuries and keep going forward. You have to be tough because no matter who you are, you will get hurt. This also is the same with love, life, relationships or whatever. There will be the ups and the downs. Wise teachers say “It doesn’t matter what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.” When something happens it just is, it is your response that determines if something is “good” or “bad”. So, you have to skate because you just can’t image not skating. That’s how it’s been for me and trust me it’s been a colorful journey to say the least 🙂
  6. What is the future of Sk8Grl? Hopefully we will keep growing and making a positive difference for girls in skateboarding and in life. We are all about inspiring and empowering girls to believe in them self, go for it, and know they can always stay feminine and be strong! We aspire to be the ROXY of girls skateboarding and be sold worldwide. We want to have a very interactive website where girls can become friends and find out about each other, have girls design shirts and vote on the designs, then have them made and pay them a royalty. We want every girl to be part of the company itself through design projects like that and more. We want every girl to be part of the Sk8Grl world and know that their voice counts and that they can be anything they set their mind to. We want Sk8Grl to be the girls voice in skating!

If you board, ride, skate or just enjoy the lifestyle, Sk8Grl is an image you can be proud to wear. The designs are flirty, feminine, unique and stylish, something I don’t mind Sabreena wearing.
Learn more about Holly Lyons and her team and the message they are trying to share with Sk8Grls around the world.