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Baby Signs with Elizabeth program giveaway

Communication is KEY.
Don’t they say that about everything; marriage, career, friends. What about communication with your baby or toddler? What do you do when they can’t speak, write or read? The Baby Signs® Program teaches babies simple, easy to use gestures for communicating with others. By using motions and mimicking concepts or actions babies are now able to “talk” with parents and caregivers and reduce the frustration felt by all in the past. Baby Signs goes beyond “bye-bye” and “all gone”, your baby can ask to read you to read her a book or for a specific snack without the guessing game of “Why is she crying again”. The Baby Signs® Program helps children develop both language and cognitive skills. Studies show that babies who sign actually develop speech sooner and have larger vocabularies when they do start talking.

I used Baby Signs when Shaun was little and again with Shae. Shaun was a late talker but was always able to ask for a specific snack or drink. Shae on the other hand was a early talker but Baby Signs helped us understand her better and also communicate with others. At the age of 22 months she still uses some signs out of habit even though she can say them perfectly. I love that she can say thank you for a cookie while doing the sign for thank you, it looks so sweet.

Elizabeth Sprague is the mother of 3 boys and a baby Sign Language Instructor in Portland Oregon. Elizabeth was born deaf in one ear, and obviously had an early interest in learning Sign Language. Growing up in the middle of her mother’s in-home daycare and having six siblings gave her a love of being surrounded by children. Elizabeth studied ASL and Child Psychology, but studying the Baby Signsº Program specifically has been the most fun and rewarding. Being a mommy to three perfect little boys! She has used Baby Sign Language with all of them and has seen the amazing benefits first hand, both immediate and the ones that come later. Here is her youngest son Joshua at age 14 months working on his signs.

Teaching Baby Signs classes is a great way for Elizabeth to share this great way for parents and caregivers to have a window into a child’s life before they can talk. She teaches because she knows it works to provide all the benefits it claims to. Some parents worry about it not being natural or possibly delaying speech, but Elizabeth has the research (both professional and personal) to ease those fears and even downright prove them wrong! She wants to share this program with as many families as she can because it makes happier babies, which leads to happier parents and caregivers……. and who doesn’t want to be happier?

The Benefits of Baby Signs®

Families who use the Baby Signs® Program know firsthand that there are many benefits to using signs with their babies. Using the Baby Signs® Program …
• Reduces tears, tantrums, & frustration
• Allows babies to share their worlds
• Increases respect for babies
• Strengthens the parent-infant bond
• Boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
• Makes learning to talk easier
• Stimulates intellectual development

Over two decades of Baby Signs® research has shown that these proven benefits affect different areas of a child’s development. Using the Baby Signs® Program stimulates:
• Social-Emotional Development
• Language Development
• Cognitive Development

Elizabeth and I are so confident that Baby Signs is an excellent tool for your family that she wants to give my readers the chance to win The Complete Starter Kit; which contains everything parents and their babies need for a successful start to signing fun OR the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit which contains everything you need to make potty training fun and easy.

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