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The Flying Scotsman

I read a review on Rants, Raves and Pet Peeves about The Flying Scotsman which is a true story based on the life of cyclist Graeme Obree. Since I am a huge cycling I went over to my local library and got the DVD and watched it yesterday. This was a great movie with alot of highs and lows.

Graeme Obree played by Jonny Lee Miller was bullied as a kid causing severe emotional and mental stress and was prone to crippling bouts of depression. His father gave him a bike one Christmas so that he would be able to out run the bullies and hence the beginning of his cycling career.

Graeme Obree is married with a child and whilst competing in local races runs a failing cycle shop. While doing local races he gets an idea he’s going to try and beat the hour record. With no money or bike he built his own bike called “Old Faithful” from scrap metal and his wife’s washing machine. Obree attempted to break the hour record in Norway and initially failed but came back the next morning to succeed only to lose the recored a week later to Chris Boardman.

Obree won the Individual Pursuit World Championship in 1993 but as he was going to defend his title the UCI changed the rules on his riding position. Unable to adapt to the new riding style Obree crashes and is unable to defend his title leading him into depression and trying to commit suicide. In the end Obree gets the title back.

This movie takes you on a journey of a mans life who hit so many road bumps thru his journey but never gave up. This was a very feel good movie that I think most people would enjoy watching.