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Kickboard USA G-Bike Analysis

One phase of growing up that Rob dreads is teaching the kids how to ride their bikes. While it’s an exciting and liberating time for the kids it’s an exhausting and strenuous time for Rob. Running up and down the street holding on to the back of a bike is no fun.

We are trying something new with Shae. Kickboard USA sent us a super cool G-Bike to get her started with learning balance and coordination. She’s been trying this out for about a month and LOVES it. She wheels around the house and even ventures outside with it. She hasn’t grasped the concept of gaining lots of speed and lifting up your feet but she does call it her bike and races with the other kids down the street as they ride bikes, scooters or skateboards.


Assembly takes literally minutes; handlebars on and away you go. Its lightweight (3.85lbs) and micro design make it small enough for her to tote around without struggle and its low profile allows her to climb on with little help. What I like especially about the G-Bike is its clear wheels; it allows Shae to wheel around the house without fear of marking up the floors or walls. The steering wheel is adjustable from 17.7 “to 20.5” and the seat adjusts 11.8 to 15.75” making this the perfect foot bike for toddlers age 2-4. I’m a bad parent and kept forgetting to get Shae a helmet this is why she spends most of the time riding in the house. I definitely recommend a helmet not just for kids but for everyone.
Mastering the balance of biking is a big deal, once they have that, kids are on their way to a world of independence. The g-bike is a perfect match for early learners, perfect for those who are still too little for traditional tricycles or scooters. Let the g-bike grow with your little one till they graduate to a “big-kid” bicycle.

Kickboard USA was founded on Wim Ouboter’s need for a quick way to travel a short distance in Zurich. Over the years he and his partner Hans-Peter Bolliger came up with a compact 3-wheeled design that is recognizable today and known as the kickboard®. By the end of 2000 more than 9 million scooters had been sold. Kickboard USA has added other cool products such as scooters for little kids, bigger kids and adults plus helmets and the tiny wonder G-Bike.

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