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LobotoME Planners and Organizational tools

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I like lists! Grocery lists, to-do lists, packing lists, meal planning lists, lists of all kinds are my friends. My lists make me feel organized, useful and on track with what’s going on in life. LobotoME is a collection of organizational & planning tools to get you through the busy day.

Jenny Newcomer created the momME weekly planner out of pure necessity. A list maker like me Jenny realized that having so many lists in different places for different reasons was just causing more stress and an eventual catastrophe waiting to happen. She combined all of her favorite things about list making in one handy dandy sheet for the week. She wants you to know that the momME planner is not for us that hate lists or refuse to be organized it’s for us moms that need to cram a whole lot of stuff in a short 24-hour window.

Lobotome also has a full line of individual list pads that have specific duties. Since a lot of my lists are on the computer I needed something that could come with me room to room during the day, upstairs at bedtime and in my purse when I need to leave the house. I’ve been using the List Me…Doodle Me pad and have to say it’s perfect. There is enough list space to write and plenty of doodle space for unrelated notes or swirlys and triangles when I’m talking on the phone. Other choices for your lifestyle are

  • Check Me: Sanity-Inducing Shopping List
  • Fit Me-Stay Healthy Stay Sane, fitness routine
  • Sit Me- Welcome to the Nut House, for the baby/house/pet sitter
  • Pack Me-On the road again
  • Help Me-honey do list
  • Feed Me-meal-planning 101
  • Save Me-weekly to do list

LobotoME isn’t just saving your sanity they are saving the world. They strive to create products that are eco-friendly by using recycled materials and soy based inks. Plus they are made in the USA to reduce shipping and transportation costs, emissions and fuel usage.

LobotoME pads can be found at The Container Store or bought online. Right now for purchases over $20 get FREE SHIPPING.

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  1. Zitlife says

    this is so awesome! I need to be more organized this year! Love it.

  2. Betty N says

    I love the name! It is just my husband and I so a simple calendar and grocery list is about all we need. However, I see my daughters in law and their schedules for their four kids…it is amazing how they keep track of everyone's schedules and get them to soccer, gymnastics, school functions, church functions, family functions, etc.

  3. Stef plus 3 says

    what awsome lists!!! i love to make lists and often create things in excel to print out and use. these are much easier, lol. with 3 kids plus being a full time nursing student i need any extra organization help!!


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