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Wordless Wednesday Answer

So the picture from yesterdays Wordless Wednesday was Fried plantains AKA Tostones. I never knew about Tostones until I married my wife who is Puerto Rican and turned me on to these. They are so delicious.

From Wikipedia:

Tostones (from the Spanish verb tostar which means “to toast”[1]), also called patacones, are a side dish made from sliced green (unripe) plantains which are cut either length-wise or width-wise and are twice fried[1]. The first step is to heat the oil on medium for a few minutes. Once it’s hot enough, one fries the slices for 1-2 minutes on each side until they are golden in color (raw plantain is off-white to pale pink in color). One then removes them, pats dry excess oil, pounds them flat with a “tostonera” or any kitchen utensil that has a large enough flat surface (the flat bottom of a sturdy glass or cup works well), then fries them once again until they are lightly crisp and right before they start to turn brown or burnt.


  1. spitfyr323 says

    Ah, yes, about eighty pounds ago, tostones was a favorite meal/snack of mine. I especially loved them al ajillo (with garlic sauce.) Outrageous!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

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