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Bye Bye Binky

Shae is obsessed with her binky, she calls it bebeya. I can’t begin to tell you how many of those humungous green soothies we have gone through just to make sure we always had spares.

Most of her infant and baby pictures she’s sporting a binky or its often somewhere in the background, never far from reach. A few months back we made a switch so that binkys were only for nap and bedtime. They had to stay in her bedroom, when she woke up she knew she had to put it in her bed. Most days were good some days she asked for it or snuck it into the living room. It’s been a mini battle.

(yes it’s shoved all the way in her mouth)

Tuesday morning was one of those days where she took off with it into the living room. I told her to come back and put it in her bed or it was going in the trash.

She says “No, I put trash”, runs over to the kitchen trash and drops it in. Sabreena attempted to stop her but I said no let her do it. Shae looked proud that she tossed it, maybe it was spite. I immediately thought this was the perfect opportunity to completely kick the binky habit.

At naptime she laid down and right away asked “Bebeya please” I said “No more binky, you through it in the trash”. The waterworks started!
“Please bebeya”
“Other bebeya MOMMY!”
(because she know there are others on the shelf)
“Get trash”
“Bebeya NOW mommy”

This was pretty much how I went for 45 minutes. I tried to talk to her saying it was in the trash and dirty and yucky. I asked her what happened to it and she said she put it in the trash, maybe I thought she would understand reason, I was WRONG! She cried and screamed and kicked and cried some more, so much that she made herself puke! All cleaned up I attempted cuddles and talking again, it kinda worked. She finally settled down after an hour total of flipping out. Bedtime was better, no crying, some whining, lots of asking “Bebeya Please!” but she eventually fell asleep.

Looks like she knew she was ready and just needed me to help her along.


  1. Night Owl Mama says

    awww that broke my heart. I have my kids give it to the new baby that is around or we take it to the store and buy something with all of them fair trade. Usually a lovey of sorts to cuddle to replace the binky they no longer have for comfort.

    Hugs to her little sweet heart.

    My 3 yr slowly is doing away with his
    and the baby doesn't even take his any more he's 18m. But doesn't talk yet you saw his babble video LOL.
    Thanks for commenting on my post feel free to come bck and comment another 20x's I hear that mulitple comments by the same person is excepted. Imagine that

  2. It definitely is a battle with those binkies. Mine is 3 and due to her destruction of her last locatable one she has now gone cold turkey for 4 days. The first couple days were tough — for us, not her — she was a cantankerous bear without it and barely slept, but she's adjusting. We're excited for the weekend to say she's officially done.

  3. Everytime I tell Kev that we are almost done with the "bobo" he says I am rushing it. LMAO. I just get tired of looking for it and the whining.

    And Keeg puked when we took it from him too. Everyone thought I was mean – but he was putting it all the way in his mouth – and I kept thinking if he fell the hard plastic would cut the inside of his mouth.

    It's definitely hard for everyone involved.

  4. It broke my heart when we had to put the Binkies away. My first son only liked the one that the hospital gave us and you could not get them in a store. I had to call the hospital and BEG for another one when his just got too gross to handle. My second child gave his up much easier. I was still sad. It's like the end of an era.

  5. We just ditched the passy 3 weeks ago and I can't get over how easy it was. I was dreading the day I had to get rid of it. But I told my 2 yr old that Tinker Bell was coming to get the passy's to take them to the babies. Somehow that worked and she hasn't asked for them since. Yea Tinker Bell!

  6. My little guy had to give his paci up the day after he turned 2 a few weeks back. He cried/screamed for a while each time he went to bed and in the car (the other place he insisted on having it), but was fine after a couple days-thankfully! 🙂 I wish potty training him was that easy!

  7. That has to be tough at that age. She will be ok. Zoe was very easy. That picture is hilarious with it in her mouth all the way.

  8. I think it another week or two she will have forgotten completely about them.

  9. Has to be done and I think you seized the moment. Wow, she sounds as hard headed as I am. I'm worried now honey!

  10. The day my daughter doesnt have a bink anymore is the day I do a happy dance down the street. I HATE the darn thing. My son didnt take one so hopefully I can get her to be done with it soon!!

  11. It's funny but our little ones never used a binky at all.

  12. I have watched my grandkids as they transitioned out of having a binky…some very easy and some not so easy.

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