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Bye Bye Binky

Shae is obsessed with her binky, she calls it bebeya. I can’t begin to tell you how many of those humungous green soothies we have gone through just to make sure we always had spares.

Most of her infant and baby pictures she’s sporting a binky or its often somewhere in the background, never far from reach. A few months back we made a switch so that binkys were only for nap and bedtime. They had to stay in her bedroom, when she woke up she knew she had to put it in her bed. Most days were good some days she asked for it or snuck it into the living room. It’s been a mini battle.

(yes it’s shoved all the way in her mouth)

Tuesday morning was one of those days where she took off with it into the living room. I told her to come back and put it in her bed or it was going in the trash.

She says “No, I put trash”, runs over to the kitchen trash and drops it in. Sabreena attempted to stop her but I said no let her do it. Shae looked proud that she tossed it, maybe it was spite. I immediately thought this was the perfect opportunity to completely kick the binky habit.

At naptime she laid down and right away asked “Bebeya please” I said “No more binky, you through it in the trash”. The waterworks started!
“Please bebeya”
“Other bebeya MOMMY!”
(because she know there are others on the shelf)
“Get trash”
“Bebeya NOW mommy”

This was pretty much how I went for 45 minutes. I tried to talk to her saying it was in the trash and dirty and yucky. I asked her what happened to it and she said she put it in the trash, maybe I thought she would understand reason, I was WRONG! She cried and screamed and kicked and cried some more, so much that she made herself puke! All cleaned up I attempted cuddles and talking again, it kinda worked. She finally settled down after an hour total of flipping out. Bedtime was better, no crying, some whining, lots of asking “Bebeya Please!” but she eventually fell asleep.

Looks like she knew she was ready and just needed me to help her along.