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Cuddle – meaning to hold close for warmth or comfort or in affection.

What is is about cuddling with your kids that is so great?

I am not a huge affection guy and I am not really sure why but when my kids cuddle with me it is truly awesome. Sabreena is 13 so she is not so much of a cuddlier anymore but she use to be when she was younger. Shaun also is not a huge cuddlier or affection guy unless he is looking to get something or unless I am hugging or showing affection to Melinda. LOL. Guess he feels left out. Shae is your typical two year old and cuddles pretty often but is very unpredictable.

This past Saturday Melinda ran Sabreena to the mall and had a few errands to run so I was home with Shae. Shae has had a cold for a few days so she has been a little out of it so we just relaxed on the couched a watch a little TV. Shae picked Blue’s Clues for me and her to watch and we were both sitting on the couch. While we were watching TV Shae moved closer to me and leaned up against me and rested her head on my chest. After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and rested in on her and was holding my hand and now we were officially cuddling and it was awesome. It was the best feeling in the world when she grabbed my hand and put it on her. It melted my heart.

It is really a great feeling when your children want to be so close to you and love you so much. I feel due to my work schedule I never really get to hang with the kids but that time Shae and I spend on the couch cuddling and watching Blue’s Clues together was priceless.