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Panic is Setting In

We leave in less than 3 weeks for IZEAFest in Orlando, FL. I’m excited but not as excited as I was a couple weeks back. Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to the event, the speakers, the education, meeting lots of people and the social gatherings. I’m not excited about leaving my kids. We’ll be gone 4days/nights which may not sound like a lot of time but we’ve never been away from Shaun and Shae that long. Sabreena is an old pro at being away from us. She’s been going on vacation with family members for YEARS and has been to Las Vegas 3 times, one of those times was for 6 weeks. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss her too I just know she can handle the separation.
I’ve been away from Shae for a maximum of 18 hours; it was one night when I took Sabreena to a sleepover in Delaware so I spent the night at my parent’s. The morning I got home Shae was super excited to see me but when it came to naptime she suddenly learned how to jump out of her crib. This was the instance that forced us to invest in the Infamous Baby Jail Tent. So it is pretty obvious she doesn’t deal well with my absence. Shaun has spent the night with my parents and he’s fine just this length is going to be something new
The kids are going to be staying with my in-laws. These are very loving, very capable people, I have no doubt the kids are going to be safe and cared for and feed and entertained. I also have no doubt that Shae isn’t going to handle it that well. We already have some bedtime issues and she’s no doubt a mommy’s girl so I know that first night and full day are going to be rough and not for my MIL but for Sabreena. She follows Sabreena everywhere and wants to be with her at all times. At times I feel bad for Sabreena because she can’t leave the room with Shae running after her or yelling up/down the steps for her but Shae just loves her soooooo much. I foresee a lot of clinging onto Sabreena and fussy bedtimes.
Maybe this is our own fault for never leaving Shae but honestly we never have anywhere to go. Send me good vibes everyone, I’m going to need it!