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Shaun Made A Funny

Some of you might know that we have had a few problems at school with Shaun and his behavior calender this year. If not you can read about it here.

Shaun came home from school today so the first thing I asked him like I do everyday was if he has to move his card. If he had to move his card that means he received a warning for some behavior that was not acceptable in class and he did the same thing again which means on his behavior calendar it will state what happened.

After my initial excitement that he didn’t have to move his card I then move onto my next daily question which is if he had any homework. Shaun did have homework but is was pretty easy and he finished it in about 10 minutes then he got changed and went outside to play.

Shaun plays soccer and on Monday he has practice at 6pm so on the way to practice we made a pit stop at Starbucks so I could get an iced coffee and Melinda got a caramel frapachino. On the way to Starbucks Melinda asked Shaun if he got any warnings in school about his behavior and he said “NO” because they has a substitute. After Shaun said that I dam near crashed the car I was laughing so hard. The reason this was so funny was because the only reason he didn’t get any warnings and why his homework was so easy was due to the substitute. Shaun also said his day and schedule were very different because they had a substitute. I am assuming this means the substitute was a little easier on the kids then the teacher would be.

After Melinda went in Starbucks Shaun said he wished he has a substitute everyday because he got no warnings and his homework was easy. He is too funny. I am guessing Shaun is not to fond of his teacher.