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Attune Foods Wellness Bar Evaluation

We are on our way to IZEAFest and while I know we are going to have a blast the thought of eating out for the next 4 days and trying to squeeze in some healthy stuff is stressing me out.

A healthy digestive system is important for overall well-being. If we aren’t getting the nutrition we need from the food we eat then we aren’t going to thrive. Stress, medications, poor diet and other environmental factors generally put our health at risk. Attune bars help balance the good bacteria called probiotics by providing up to 5 times the amount of live active cultures than regular yogurt in the convienence of an on-the-go bar.
The probiotics story begins with intestinal bacteria, which are a community of good and bad bacteria that live in the digestive system. We all have naturally occurring bacterial communities in our digestive systems. They help:

• Protect the body from harmful bacteria.
• Exercise the immune system to ensure it is ready to react to harmful bacteria.
• Strengthen the intestinal wall so it acts as a defensive barrier.
• Digest fiber in the diet, so we can absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat.

These digestive bacteria are essential to overall wellbeing. Probiotics act as a helper to these friendly bacteria, and that help can keep the digestive system functioning well.
While they aren’t meant to replace all the food in your diet they are a great addition to maintain that balance needed for overall health. Attune probiotic chocolate bars, available in seven delicious chocolate flavors (such as Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Blueberry Vanilla), have 100 or fewer calories and contain three of the most clinically supported probiotic strains for digestive health and immunity (more important than ever) plus calcium and fiber. Attune probiotic wellness bars are a delicious way to enjoy the health benefits probiotics can provide. Each Attune wellness bar is packed with probiotics that help rebalance your digestive system, so your whole body can work better.

• Attune probiotics are proven to survive in the digestive tract, where they can provide optimal health benefits.
• The probiotics in Attune have been clinically tested to support a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system.*
• Attune wellness bars also include prebiotics, which support healthy digestive function and work in harmony with probiotics.