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Wett Giggles Evaluation


All kids love baths right? Well, I am not sure about all kids but I know my 2 year old and 6 year old love taking baths. I think Shae and Shaun enjoy bath time even more now due to the fun soaps from Wett Giggles. Wett Giggles soaps are not only fun and cool looking but functional so it is a win win for kids and parents. Wett Giggles provides natural glycerin handmade soaps where each bar is made one at time with essential oils and shea butter. The inspiration for Wett Giggles came from the owner’s six year old son’s dirty finger nails hence the reason all but two of the nine soaps come with a manicure brush. The other two do not come with a manicure brush as they are geared toward 2-3 year olds. The cool thing I like about Wett Giggles is all of their soaps have Shakespearian theme names.

If you have older kids like we do you will love the soaps like Hamlet that come with the manicure brush. After a hard day of play the kids can take a bath and really get clean and get under those finger nails with the manicure brush. For kids under two years old Juliet and Horatio are perfect soaps because they do not come with the manicure brush so they will not hurt themselves. Wett Giggles really nailed the toy with the soap concept and took it to the next level by adding a nail brush making it a truly unique idea. Not only will you get great soap but the kids will actually enjoy getting washed.

Check out Wett Giggles and pick up a few fun soaps for the family as they are currenly running a great 20% off on all orders special and $4.99 flat shipping. All products ship UPS ground 7 – 10 business day delivery.