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Get Out And Enjoy Your Significant Other

As parents of three kids it is important for Melinda and I to get out and get some time to ourselves. It is hard to leave the kids and enjoy ourselves but we know how beneficial it is for us as parents and for our marriage. I feel when we get away for a quite meal or just some coffee we get a chance to talk without the household interruptions.

As you can see from the Juicebox Jungle widget on our sidebar 72% of couples do not get out enough for a regular date night. Thank goodness Melinda and I are a part of the 28% who do have regular date nights and that in part is because of our 13 year old. If it was not for Sabreena Melinda and I would never be able to go out because we have no friends or family close to us.

If you are part of the 72% not getting out regularly go to pick up a gift certificate and make yourself part of the 28% who do have regular date nights. You will be glad you did.

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