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Skateboarder Og de Souza-AMAZING

As a family we are fans of extreme sports. The kids may be a bit more adventurous but not me, I’m a wimp. I’m perfectly happy on my 2 feet while watching the experts on skateboards, bikes, surfboards and snowboards.

We just finished watching a show on Fuel TV featuring exceptional atheletes. Og de Souza was the skateboarder who caught my attention. A professional skateboarder from Brazil may not be something to interesting but his whole story is something that more people should know about.

Og de Souza was stricken with polio as a child. While he has movement and strength in his legs he doesn’t have enough to support the rest of his body. He began using a skateboard as a way to get around easily but quickly found that it was his passion. The skateboard is an extension of his body not a plaything. Take a look at the ridiculous talent from this guy. His dedication is inspiring.