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Fishful Thinking Parenting Tool and Pepperidge Farm Gift Basket Giveaway-CLOSED

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Growing up I thought a parents job was easy but now a father of three I see that is not the case.  Raising kids is a very difficult job and sometimes parents could use a little help and guidance. Fishful Thinking by Pepperidge Farm is a great tool for parents.

Fishful Thinking is made up of five key ingredients that we as parents can strengthen in our children and they are Optimism, Resilience, Goal Setting, Empowerment, and Emotional Awareness. Fishful Thinking is a terrific site with so much to offer parents so they can raise positive kids.
Under each of the five ingredients you will find a ton of great information like a definition of the category word, articles, activities, videos and facts. For example:

Optimism is the skill of focusing on the positive – without denying the negative – and channeling one’s energy toward what is controllable. Optimistic people expect good things to happen in their lives and work toward creating positive change. Fishful ThinkingSM helps parents learn new ways to promote optimism in their families and to create an environment that fosters positive emotions and the belief in possibilities.

Another feature of Fishful Thinking that caught my eye was the Quick Finder at the top right of the site. The Quick Finder lets you jump right to certain articles based on a child’s age and the skill set you are interested in reading more about. The first thing you would do is select the child’s age and the second thing you would select is the skill set you have an interest in. After that it will display all of the articles based on your criteria.

Pepperidge Farm has a ton of great products like Goldfish, Tim Tams, crackers and now they have a great parenting resource to add to their awesome line up of products.

There is so much more to Fishful thinking then is in my review so when you get a few minutes head over to Fishful Thinking and look around. You will find so many useful articles, videos and information that you can apply to your everyday life.

Pepperidge Farm has been nice enough to offer three lucky Look What Mom Found…and Dad too! readers a chance to win a Pepperidge Farm gift basket.  All you have to do is go to Fishful Thinking and tell me one fact not listed in this review.

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This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!

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