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Professional Bull Riding isn’t just for cowboys!

Ok well maybe actually riding the bull is but not watching it!

It was a COLD and Windy Sunday morning. We were in our jammies with no intention of changing out of them for the day. Rob gets an email from a “friend” asking if we were interested in tickets to the rodeo. I laughed out loud when he asked me but quickly said heck yeah. I mean it’s not really my thing but I figured it would be fun. We asked Shaun if he was interested and we quickly got ready and headed to the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore for the show. Technically it was a Professional Bull Riding competition, the Baltimore Invitational to be exact.

The start of the show was awesome, loud music, pyrotechnics and a high energy announcement of all the riders, bulls and clowns. The crowd was enthusiastic and loud and hyped up. One of the greatest parts of the entire show was “rodeo clown” Flint. So much more than just a distraction for the bulls Flint was the center of attention (next to the riders of course). He engaged the audience with dancing, comedy and contests.

Now onto the bull-riding! I was worried that it would too much for Shaun, maybe a little scary but the environment was family centered and professional. We didn’t witness anything too damaging, I believe one rider got slightly stomped and another got the wind knocked out of him. We went into this not knowing anything about PBR but quickly got a grasp of the rules and enjoyed counting to 8, hoping the riders would be able to hold on. Overall the experience was a lot of fun, entertaining for the whole family. PBR isn’t just for cowboys.

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