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Wii Fit Plus Recap

Working out and exercising doesn’t bother me, actually a lot of the time I really enjoy working out. For those of you who find it boring or not fun to exercise should try working out using Wii Fit Plus. When I feel like I need a change of pace in my routine I turn to Wii Fit Plus.

Wii Fit Plus is packed with every feature from Wii Fit—plus new exercises and tools to personalize your exercise routine. If you already have a profile on the original Wii Fit, you can easily transfer it over to Wii Fit Plus making it a super easy transition. Will Fit Plus has some pretty cool new features like My Wii Fit Plus which allows you to personalize your Wii Fit Plus workouts. Calories Burned is another really cool new feature which allows you to set daily goals on how many calories you want to burn. Everyone who is trying to lose weight watches their calories to some extent and this new feature easily allows you to do that.

Sabreena and I have each used Wii Fit Plus a few times since receiving it for analysis a few days ago. We also have Wii Fit so we could definitely see the improvements made and all of the new strength training routines as well as yoga routines that have been added. One of the areas we really like in Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are the balance games and there are 15 cool new ones for Wii Fit Plus. One of my favorite new balance games on the Wii Fit Plus is the Snowball Fight. Sabreena has two favorites which are Island Cycling and Rhythm Kung Fu. All in all the Wii Fit Plus is a very nice improvement over the original Wii Fit.

If you already have Wii Fit you have the Wii balance board so for $19.99 you can upgrade to the disc only version of Wii Fit Plus. If you are new to Wii Fit Plus for $99.99 you can get the disc and the Wii balance board. Wii Fit Plus can be bought at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Game Stop and others. Wii Fit Plus is worth the money as well as the time you will spend using it. If you are looking to have some fun while working out give Wii Fit Plus a try.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!