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[me] and goji Custom Cereal Recap

Breakfast is supposed to be the fuel to start your day. But today’s top breakfast cereal brands fail at providing quality nutrition, proper vitamins and minerals and adequate fiber and ingredients especially for those with special dietary needs and restrictions. A group of young men; Adam, Carl and Alexander dreamed up the solution; [me] & goji.
[me] & goji is simply a custom cereal & granola company. I say simply because when you start looking through the ingredients it really is a simple and healthy and unique idea that should’ve been obvious to cereal makers all along. With over 60 all-natural and organic ingredients to choose from the mixes are endless. If you aren’t too creative or aren’t too sure what flavors will match well you can select from one of their own favorite blends.

The process is easy though to choose your own mix. Start with your base (flakes, hoops, granola, etc) add your dried fruits and nuts and then the best part, customize your box. I was able to get 3 customized containers of cereal for the kids. For Shaun’s and Shae’s I added super cute pictures of them and fun titles. My kids reach for [me] & goji as an afternoon snack and yogurt mix-in.

What I really appreciate about [me] & goji is it offers so many options. Whether you’re a health nut or wanna be you can mix a nutritious and tasty meal while feeling good about putting good stuff into your body. [me] & goji offers options for those who suffer from Celiac Disease, IBS and other digestive and diet needs. You don’t need to have a medical reason to enjoy a quality, healthy, green cereal.

Visit [me] & goji to learn about the efforts they are putting forth to create a healthier workplace, a sustainable business and a greener environment. Win your own customize cereal from [me] & goji by telling me what ingredients you would choose.
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