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Fiskars Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro Recap

Are you looking for a more natural way to collect water for your household garden and plants? Melinda and I were too and recently we were lucky enough to receive a Fiskars Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro.

The Fiskars Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro arrived just in time because at our house we have a full garden plus we have additional tomato and pepper plants in pots as well as herbs in a pot. We use a TON of water during the spring and summer months to keep all of our vegetables and herbs hydrated. Before receiving the rain barrel Melinda and I discussed ways we would collect rain water so we could use a more natural approach in our watering. We tried to leave the watering can out to collect rain which it was able to collect some but nowhere near enough to water everything.
Here are a few features of the Fiskars Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro then we will discuss the installation process.




  • DiveterPro™ channels rainwater from the downspout into the rain barrel. When the barrel is full, the diverter channels the water back to the downspout and away from your home
  • Removable filter to capture debris and transparent door to see if cleaning is needed
  • Fits both standard downspout sizes.
  • Spice granite color
  • Holds 58 gallons
  • Barrel and cover made of recyclable, UV-treated, impact-resistant polyethylene
  • Integrated base provides clearance for filling watering cans
  • Flat-back fits snug to house
  • Rain barrel made in U.S.A.
  • Limited 3-year warranty


Ok, now on to the install process. I’m not a person who typically reads directions but I made sure I did this time so before you install the rain barrel and DiverterPro be sure to read the directions (it is in your best interest). You will need to make a few measurements and cuts to the rain downspout on your home and you only have one chance to do it right so please be sure to read the directions. Believe it or not it was pretty simple to install. The hardest part for me was getting the ground level for my rain barrel. I actually needed to go to Home Depot so I could pick up a few patio pavers to make a level surface. Other then that everything else was pretty straight forward. You will need a drill to drill a hole in the side of the rain barrel and also a saw to cut the downspout. The DiverterPro went on easy and installing the tube from the DiverterPro to the rain barrel was straight forward as well.


Now I am waiting for rain, LOL. While we were away on vacation the barrel collected some rain but not enough to use yet. So I am hoping I get to use the Fiskars Salsa Rain Barrel System with DiverterPro before the end of the season but if not no big deal I will have it for next year where it will get used for sure.


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