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Redoing the Garden

When we moved here I was excited because the backyard already had a vegetable garden. Within a week I was discouraged; it was filled with weeds, rainbow chard that tasted like grass and some other things I couldn’t recognize. The only thing I tended to were the tomatoes, they flourished.

The plants weren’t the only thing wrong, there wasn’t any soil, it was all clay and rocks. I’m not sure what the previous tenants were thinking but the garden as a whole was a nightmare.
Next year I want more tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, herbs, strawberries and maybe green beans or peas. I’m off to do some research on how to get these things in the ground at the right time and how to build up the garden so it supports my thriving veggies and fruit next year.
I know I’ll need to rip everything up soon and till the space and of course add some quality soil. I did some potted veggies too but I’d like to keep the deck clear next year maybe that way Shae won’t think the grape tomato plant is her own personal snack machine. Do you have any advice on what to grow, how to care for things or a schedule on when to plant certain plants?