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How Do You Stay Organized?

Office supplies are my passion. Things that can keep me organize and clutter free and on top of tasks are held close to my heart. In our kitchen is a drawer full of all these wonderful things

  • Post-it Flags for magazines and homework
  • Post-it Notes for jotting down quick info, lists or messages for teachers
  • Post-it Pockets for easy access to recipes
  • Post-it Personal Calendars to stay on track for the week

Some may think we are in a digital age and paper notes and calendars are obsolete. I like to remain as unplugged as possible for a couple hours each day. This gives me time to read, play with the kids or catch up on household and family duties. In order to do this effectively I have to have certain information at the ready. This is where the Personal Calendar comes in; it’s a small blank weekly calendar that I post on the fridge or on my laptop that gives me quick glance of what’s going on the day and each day of the week. This doesn’t replace my online calendar that Rob and I share but it gives me a quick spot to double check without having to turn on a computer and wait for access.

Post-it notes have always been an obsession of mine even when I was a corporate girl. I was that person that had labels and notes on everything and they were color coded. With 3 bosses things got hectic really quick; lined and colored post-it pads were a savior. However you organize your life trust Post-it to guide you through the mess.

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