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When I Actually Try To Do Good!

So a month or so back I was coming out of Brew Ha-Ha (a local coffee shop) while on my way to work with a coffee and a muffin. When I left the coffee shop I was approached by a homeless man who told me he was hungry and asked if I could help. Since I had just left the coffee shop I had a muffin that I was willing to give him. When I told him I had a muffin he said he had special dietary needs. He didn’t even ask what kind of muffin it was so how did he know he couldn’t eat it. I also offered a granola bar that he declined. Really? You are hungry but the two things I offer you, you decline.

I rarely meaning almost never give cash to people who say they are hungry because I am afraid I am feeding into some kind of addiction that I would feel guilty about. Plus I also have this image that all homeless people use the money for booze or drugs. Maybe that isn’t true but if you are truly hungry why not take my food?

There was a time a while back when Melinda, me and the kids were in Baltimore at Port Discovery and while on the way back to the car we were approached by a homeless man. He asked if we had any food or money. I honest to God didn’t have a dime on me and we didn’t think we had any food either so we said we didn’t and he said thank you and left. After he left Melinda realized she has a granola bar in her bag so she ran after the man who was already around the corner. The man came running back and was so appreciative he said thank you a million times and actually started to cry. It was so nice to have been able to help him out.

I am not really sure what the point of this post is. I guess it is about me not minding helping people out but it is frustrating when people say they are hungry but won’t except your food because to be honest I rarely have cash on me which means I am unable to help at all.