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Clic-it for More Organization

No I’m not pregnant but I did get a really cool diaper bag recently to review. I don’t use a diaperbag on a daily basis anymore but when I decide to venture out with Shae and my niece Madi out I need to arm myself with something more organized than a purse.

Let me introduce you to the Clic-It™ Smart Diaper Bag System. Smart seems to be an odd word to give to a diaper bag but since it’s used to explain the organizational features it makes total sense. At first glance it looks like a regular messenger style diaper bag. But when you start digging around and “clicking” the accessories on and off it turns into your own custom designed diaper tote.

Not everyone uses pacifiers, not everyone uses bottles so this bag lets you pick and choose the accessories that fit your baby and your lifestyle. Personally I would us the insulated tote, gadget case, key ring and organizer pouch. I’m a pretty good diaper bag packer, having 3 kids will do that to someone, but having the things you need right at your fingertips is essential when you have a runny nose, fussy kid or diaper explosion.

And if your trip today differs from your trip yesterday you can easily switch around the accessories to suit the situation or a different child. No more bottles, no need to even attach that one anymore. Potty training, no changing pad needed; completely customizable.

Aside from all the additional accessories you can buy the bag already comes equipped with enough outside and inside pockets to make anyone happy. A wipe-clean surface lines the inside and best of all it has stroller loops providing a great way to hang it while keeping

I’ve attempted to video tape the easy click on process and the bag itself but I’m clumsy and stuttered most of the time. The below video will clearly show you how Clic-It has given moms and dads a great tool.

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