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Dessert Anyone?

Do you know what you’re getting for the kids and babies in your family for the holidays? Visit Land of Nod not just for toys and games but for furniture, organization idea and nursery décor. In fact I only knew about Land of Nod for their extensive nursery and baby gear selections. I always wanted to register there but their actual stores are in the Chicago area plus one in Seattle.

The Land of Nod is a leading catalog, web and retail company. In addition to specializing in exclusive children’s furniture, bedding, playrooms, and accessories,The Land of Nod also carries popular baby gear brands in strollers, car seats, clothing, toys, and much more.  The Land of Nod: You’ll find everything for your kid’s room from A to ZZZ.

This holiday season The Land of Nod is showing off some of their favorite products to the blog world. I got the chance to review the Two Tier Treat Tray. You all should now our obsession with playfood and the fact that Shae plays in her kitchen each day. The particular set is absolutely adorable and perfect for kids who play kitchen, store or tea party. My best friend’s kids play store every day; they turn their play kitchen into a bakery where they serve pizza and donuts. This dessert collection is going to be the perfect addition to their make believe store front.

two tier treat tray

sweet little cupcake

This set includes three cupcakes, three chocolate cookies, two vanilla cookies, two cake rolls, two slices of cake and three wafers. Best of all it is made with sustainable solid wood. The assembly literally takes 2 minutes; 2 bolts to put the tray together. Each piece is painted and decorated to be cute with realistic touches. I can’t wait to see those kids open this up.


  1. I have a huge obsession with play food as well. Love Land of Nod, this looks great!

  2. That is seriously cute! My kids love their play kitchen too, I’m sure they’d go nuts over this.

  3. Oh my daughter would love that. SHe loves anything she can play with in her kitchen!

  4. That is the kind of dessert I need in our house, calorie free!

    Looks like fun, my girls would love them for their playroom!

  5. Their items are so cute and seem really well-made! Thanks for introducing this company to me!

  6. OH my gosh!!! My kids WOULD love this!!! Thanks for sharing this company, had never heard of them!

  7. Oh my gosh, I MUST have this for Taylor. She too is obsessed with her kitchen and complains all the time that we do not have any “dessert” stuff! I am heading over to order it now! Thanks so much!!

  8. Aww, how cute! Great gift idea!

  9. That is some mighty cute wooden food. I need to check out their selection.

  10. Julie From Momspective says

    That’s fantastic! Closest my kids will ever get to sugar lol

  11. I don’t have kids.. but I think I need this for me!! Just sayin’

  12. The Land of Nod is one of my favorite stores. We absolutely love it.

  13. Such cute little treats! I’m sure my son would love adding them to his kitchen!

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