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Last Night Was A Great Night

Last night I ran to the store to pick up a new belt and cologne and Sabreena (my teen) wanted to tag along.

She needed a few new sweaters so I said yes and we went.  Usually I feel like I don’t have much to say to her and that is 100% my fault.  She is into Nerd Fighters and stuff like that so I guess I am out of the loop but last night was AWESOME!!!

I really enjoyed spending time with her and we had a lot of conversations.  Some important some not but that is what made it fun.  It was just me and my now teenage girl and it was really really nice.

I need to listen more instead of bitch at her over stupid shit because she does have stuff to say and no matter what I think it is important.  Last night opened my eyes to a whole new world and I am liking it a lot!!!  It sucks it has taken me so long to realize this!!!


  1. told ya!

    • I know and like I said I feel like we had a great time and I enjoyed myself 🙂 Even cloths shopping with her wasn’t bad even thought you can clearly tell she is your daughter. She took in 6-7 sweaters to try on and came out only liking 1. LOL. That is you all the way!!!!!

  2. Awesome….I’m really dreading the teen years, but I think talking to your children is very important. Even if it’s just chit chat. Good for you Rob:)

  3. That’s fantastic Rob.

  4. That is beautiful!!!! When our kids get to that age where we can have real conversations, we do discover that they are interesting and wonderful people!

  5. Haha:) This post made me laugh. My husband sometimes has fun taking my daughter out–other times, he’ll be annoyed because she uses the time to fuss about things she wants! I try to tell my kids to give Dad a chance to have fun before using him!!

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