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Last Night Was A Great Night

Last night I ran to the store to pick up a new belt and cologne and Sabreena (my teen) wanted to tag along.

She needed a few new sweaters so I said yes and we went.  Usually I feel like I don’t have much to say to her and that is 100% my fault.  She is into Nerd Fighters and stuff like that so I guess I am out of the loop but last night was AWESOME!!!

I really enjoyed spending time with her and we had a lot of conversations.  Some important some not but that is what made it fun.  It was just me and my now teenage girl and it was really really nice.

I need to listen more instead of bitch at her over stupid shit because she does have stuff to say and no matter what I think it is important.  Last night opened my eyes to a whole new world and I am liking it a lot!!!  It sucks it has taken me so long to realize this!!!