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I’m Not Gonna Lie. Marriage is work!

Melinda and I have a great relationship and marriage but we are like most normal people and have our share of marriage problems. Not problems that are life threatening. Most of our problems and fights are stupid little fights that are over very quickly.

I see a lot of books on How to save your marriage so marriage problems seem to be pretty common these days. I understand people get to the end of their rope and have no answers on what they need to do to make their relationship work. I feel people should seek marriage counseling before seeking divorce because every couple needs an objective third party to help them work through their problems.

Melinda and I saw a therapist early on in our marriage and it helped us to see each other’s points and be more open to one another’s thoughts, opinions and suggestions. It is very easy to get wrapped up in yourself with the day to day grind with work, kids, sports, dinner, bath, bedtime, etc where is doesn’t leave much time for you and your spouse. Like Melinda and I always say it is extremely important to take time even at the end of a busy day to just relax and enjoy your spouse’s company. Melinda and I typically will finish the day holding hands on the couch and watching a little TV because honestly that is probably the first real time we get to sit down alone with each other without the kids interrupting.

Melinda and I aren’t perfect but marriage is work and it’s a give and take and we do work on our marriage daily.

Do you have any advice on how to have a stronger marriage? What do you and your spouse do that allows you to unwind and just relax?

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