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You say tomato….

Shae and I have been working on letter recognition and rhyming. I know some letter combinations are tough but here is Shae just flat out refusing to give it a try; oh and torture me also.


  1. Giddy-much? LOL.

    Love the video. I think she’s doing pretty good with rhyming – sa-poon and all. It’s a fun environment she’s learning in. 🙂 She’ll be so ready for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

  2. LOL. The boys get like THAT when they are tired. Pure giddiness. It’s hilarious – and I feel lucky that they usually fall into funny hysterics instead of crankiness when tired.

  3. That is too funny! I burst out laughing right when you did. Supoon!

  4. Too funny! LOL! My daughter had the same issue saying her s’s. It was poon and pider, etc.
    Shae is so adorable!

  5. She is darling! That was a cute video! When I was 5 I couldn’t say banana right LOL Very Cute!

  6. So cute. She has the cutest giggles!

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