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Football and Fellowship

On Saturday morning I attended a breakfast meeting for the upcoming local youth football season. Shaun has wanted to play tackle football for a while now and I finally found a local Pop Warner league. Sign ups are on April 9th so I attended the breakfast meeting because I wanted more information on the league as well as I have an interest in being an assistant coach.

It was funny because the President of the league texted me on Thursday with the details for the breakfast meeting and it made mention of food (obvious) and even better fellowship. The text seemed odd and when I told Melinda about the meeting and fellowship she asked if it was a religious meeting and would we be praying. I told her I wasn’t sure but I didn’t think so. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing wrong with fellowship or religion or a religious meeting it just threw me off a little was all.

I got to the restaurant on Saturday morning and a few of the guys arrived late and one of the men in particular upon arrival pulled out a book that at first I thought was a Bible. I thought Melinda was right and this was a religious meeting and we would be discussing the Bible and things of that nature which I was ok with I just thought it was a meeting about youth football. After looking more closely it was just a leather journal that looked really sophisticated and way to fancy for a youth football meeting. I didn’t even come with a crappy notebook or even a piece of paper let alone a fancy leather journal like this gentleman did. All in all it was a pretty good meeting and the guys I met were really nice.

I am really excited to be a part of this league and for Shaun to be playing football this fall.

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