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Melinda’s Finger Is Snobby!!!

I am not a guy who knows anything about jewelry and when Melinda and I got married I was overwhelmed with all of the diamond engagement ring options.

When buying an engagement ring you have the three C’s to consider (cut, clarity and color) then you have the weight and setting. This is enough to send any man into a tail spin. On top of that you can get Pave Engagement Rings, Tacori Engagement Rings, Solitaire Engagement Rings and even Eternity Rings. This is why I decided to get Melinda a Tanzanite ring for her engagement ring. It is nice yet simple and I didn’t stress out over all of the diamond features. I did however step it up for her wedding band and got her a platinum diamond channel set ring which she loves. I originally got her a white gold band but her finger was allergic to white gold. Her finger was so snobby it broke out in a rash due to the white gold so we needed to get her a platinum band. To this day we joke about it and I always tell her how convenient that her finger only likes platinum. I wonder if a lot of women use this excuse just to get platinum rings. LOL. I am only kidding but if I was a woman that is what I would say.

What kind of wedding ring are you sporting? Does your finger break out if anything other then platinum touches it?

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