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The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On the Plain

Sabreena is Puerto Rican but unfortunately doesn’t speak Spanish naturally but has been taking Spanish in school since the 7th grade.  She did really good in Spanish while in middle school and is also doing well in high school.

Now that Sabreena is in high school and has done so well the past few years we decided to enroll her in honors Spanish.  So far this year she is doing well as usual.

A few weeks ago we received information about a trip to Spain over spring break in 2012 that Sabreena and a select number of students were invited to attend.  At first I thought WOW that is such a far trip and I was concerned about Sabreena being so far from home but then I thought of all the pluses of a trip like this.  My first thought was all of Spain could be a Spanish tutor to Sabreena.  What better place then Spain for Sabreena to really put her years of Spanish to good use?

We are not certain if Sabreena will be attending the trip to Spain in 2012 but I think of what a great opportunity it is.  Yes I am scared to let my baby cross the Atlantic Ocean but on the other hand this trip would be such a great experience that she would be able to look back on for the rest of her life.

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