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Project 52 – Week 10

Welcome to my 10th edition of Project 52, an attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures once a week.

Another busy week in the LWMF…and Dad too household.  Shae and I worked on some crafts along with GummyLump’s 300 crafts for kids program.  We used lots of glue and introduced cutting with scissors.  Rob, the kids and I hit up Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum, lots and lots of fun.  Not pictured here but Shaun had his Pinewood Derby race, he came in 2nd and is headed to District finals!  Are you participating in Project 52?  Leave your link and we’ll come visit.

craft time, letter S


craft time AGAIN, macaroni butterfly


appropriate footwear for a children's museum...i think not

me and my man....a pic that doesn't come around too often

my little brother had one of these

I Disclose