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Project 52 – Week 11

Welcome to my 11th edition of Project 52, an attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures once a week.

project 52, weekly photos
This week was a quiet one, the weather was rainy a couple day and we didn’t have any big plans. We stayed close to home except for dinner last night.  Well here’s a glimpse into our what we had going on this week.

i call it a pumpkin grape

waiting for spring


Are you participating?  Add your link in a comment and I’ll come check out your week.


  1. I love your floors and that living room is huge to have that massive bean bag chair. My kids would die for that. The photos on the wall of the kids is really cool. That grape is funky! I want to see green on trees soon!!

  2. That’s the weirdest grape I’ve ever seen 😉

  3. Love the pics. Looks like a great week.

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