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Trying To Start A Family Tradition

Melinda and I have talked many times about trying to start some kind of tradition that the kids will remember when they become adults.

For me as a kid I can remember the whole family going to Taco Bell every Friday night. For Melinda is was her Pop Pop coming over every weekend to work on the house and bringing over a box of Dunkin Donuts.

So our tradition might be going to Cici’s Pizza every week or so.  They have pretty good pizza and pasta and an arcade that Shaun and Shae loved.  We do pizza at home every Friday which is a tradition but we are trying to start one outside of the house.  The kids tend to act like fools any time we go out to eat so Melinda and I were hesitant on going last night but all in all they were really good.  Shaun complained a little about wanting to play more games but that was all.  Next time I will be sure to bring some more cash so the kids can play a few more games.

Does your family have any weekly, bi weekly or monthly traditions?

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  1. I’ve been wanting to start up some sort of weekly tradition too. Just haven’t been able to come up with something that isn’t too expensive and that the kids and hubby would enjoy doing together.

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m putting this on my “get it done” list for this weekend – coming up with at least 3 different ideas of weekly or monthly traditions we can start as a family.

    ~ Jenn

    • Cool, Hope you are able to find something that the whole family can enjoy. Let us know what you and your family finally decide on.

  2. Sunday was family day, but that was about the only thing that was a constant.

    • Nothing wrong with that. I am sure that was something your kids looked forward to each week. We typically eat together every night but we wanted to do a little more that hopefully the kids will remember when they grow up.

  3. Well, I remember how much I loved going to a non-franchise Italian restaurant on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. So we started doing that last year as a yearly tradition with our own kids.

    And for all that we are fitness oriented (LOL) we do love Dunkin’ Donuts. We usually go right after gymnastics on Saturdays, sit and eat our jellies with milk and coffee. It’s sweet …. (no pun intended)

    • That is pretty cool that you are starting some really awesome traditions with your kids as well. Feels good especially when the kids have a great time.

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