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Something is Missing

So last week I showed off pictures of our new living room couch and bed. Things are looking good and a bit more grown up around here. We replaced a sofa and love seat with 1 leather couch and moved around some existing chairs and cabinets. It’s way less cluttered but there is something missing.

empty corner

I think this is the perfect spot for sleek writing desk like one of these.

Something just big enough for a laptop, a frame and a couple pens. A little bit of storage would be great too. But I think somewhere to sit comfortably and just work would be a good fit. Right now this spot is bare, empty, blank and collecting dust bunnies.

We have a good amount of furniture in the living room so a large executive desk or hutch would be completely overwhelming. Sabreena received one for Christmas but it’s being used as a computer desks for home, stocked with supplies and papers and other junk. I want a delicate but useful piece of furniture placed right in that spot.

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