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Share and Save those Memories

Do you remember that funny story your kid told last Tuesday about the whale that was eating a popsicle? No? Did you record it? Did you write it down? It’s about time you recorded all those jokes, exaggerations and reflections on life where you, your friends and family can see.

MyMomMemories is the place to share, save and never forget those tidbits of funny, loving and shocking things that happen each day. Moms and Dads are always sharing stories about what goes on as a family but what happens when a month from now you want to share it with the grandparents. Most of the time we forget those things. We log stats in baby books, mark up door jams and hang pictures to capture moments in time but what about the things the kids day and do.

MyMomMemories was created by a father-daughter team who knew that they more time that passed the more memories they were going to forget. Facebook was working well but MyMomMemories is different because each memory shared is archived for easy retrieval later; no scrolling “older posts” over and over. In fact you can set up your MyMomMemories account to share to your Facebook account for your friends to see.

What the kids say today can be read tomorrow to continue the smiles, laughs and tears. Follow on Twitter to stay updated on

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