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Mamas & Papas hits the USA

I started this blog as a way to share cool things for kids and families. The quintessential baby item has come up for review; the stroller. Not just any stroller though; the Mamas & Papas Sola Pushchair from Britain’s #1 luxury stroller brand.

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mamas and papas sola stroller

I received this stroller smack in the middle of winter, a very snowy and cold winter. Only until a couple weeks back did I get a chance to really test it out in the streets. It plowed over curbs and cracks with little effort partly due to its lightweight frame. This particular model is considered a compact model, aside from weight there was nothing small about it. The frame had a wide stable stance and the seat was definitely big for kids up to preschooler age. Even when it was folded this stroller took up a lot of space. This was 1 of its few drawbacks. When it’s folded it doesn’t stand on it own, it requires a large footprint of trunk or garage floor space to store.

A couple things I didn’t talk about were the adjustable footrest. This feature I find good for when your child is a little older and is sleeping reclined, hanging feet can be uncomfortable. There is an optional carrycot that switches places with the stroller seat that acts as a bassinet. If you get the chance to walk more and drive less this would be a great accessory to have for the littlest babies.

The Sola Pushchair also doubles as an infant stoller. Similar to the Snap ‘n Go there is an option to attach select infant carseat carriers to the Sola frame with an available bracket system. This piece is separate and at a cost of approximately $60.

optional carrycot

optional cupholder

Like most European styled strollers you’ll find very few bells and whistles. Things like cup holders, snack trays and umbrella holders (yea, I had one of those before) aren’t included in the sleek and modern designs. Included with the Sola is the stroller bar and a raincover but everything else comes at an extra price.
I loved the Sola Pushchair. It had a great look, great glide and great features. Like I said, I’m past the baby stage so this stroller found a nice home with my sister in law and her soon to be born little boy Carter. I’ll at least get to visit.

(my apologies for an erratic video, it’s quite hard to do with a kid in the same room)


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  1. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted says

    That is a really nice stroller! Great review!

  2. I love their strollers. I saw one a few years ago. Great quality

  3. I love how easy it is to switch from front to rear facing. I am sure your sister in law is going to be thrilled using it.,

  4. Other than the fact it’s a little cumbersome, it does seem like a wonderful stroller.

  5. Loved this in the store but didn’t notice until later about the lack of tray. Do u k ow if they even make o e for it? Or one that would be compatible?

  6. Til what age or weight does it support?

    • weight limit is 50 lbs. My almost 4year old has always been big for her age but still hasn’t reached that weight so this is definitely something that would last

  7. I purchased it & absolutely love it. I got the footmuff & the cup holder that comes separate but it’s so worth it. My only question is if I actually would dare to use it during winter. Being in Canada, the winter here could be a little bit more colder than usual.

    I know if you fold the handle bar completely down & the footrest down, it would fit perfectly in the trunk. It is wider than the quinny buzz but if u adjust both handle bar & footrest, it would help prevent from scratching the padded handle from the lever of the trunk.

    It’s so lightweight. So easy to fold. Love the manoveurability of it. The only thing I wish they improved is the basket below, the price & I wish all the accessories came together! I also wish the canopy had a sun visor. It’s huge but not enough to block the sun. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now & absolutely love it. Everywhere I go, parents look & I feel proud to own such a wonderful looking stroller.

  8. Do you know where i can Purchase snack tray or if any other brands would be compatible

  9. Anyone here who knows where I can find a snack tray compatible with M&P Sola 2 pushchair? Thanks.

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