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I don’t care what Kim, Jennifer or Lebron buys

I love a good movie or train-wreck of a reality show like the next person but I could give a flying finger what Kim Kardashian or Queen Latifah are pedaling. A celebrity endorsement is as useful as teets on bull. Do I really look at Drew Barrymore and say “I gotta get me some CoverGirl Lashblast mascara because if she uses it, it must work”, ummm NO. I look at these commercials and ads and wonder how is this relevant to my life. What makes their word so important? Why do they get multi-million dollar contracts and bloggers get squat. Yeah Yeah I know, bloggers get PAID or COMPENSATED by providing some ad space, text links or opinions but nowhere near what they deserve. The time spent using, tasting, wearing, riding and playing a review item along with photo editing, writing, posting and other technical duties can easily take hours and hours to complete.
I get my recommendations from real people by searching online for opinions, reviews and reputable blogs before making some family purchases. This is how most real people make buying decisions. The celebrity endorsement is lost on me and according to BlogHer 2011 Social Media Matters Study that seems to be the consensus with female shoppers. “There is a definite trend we’ve seen where people trust the opinion of a regular person, we trust any person force more than any corporate force when it comes to getting advice and recommendations,” Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

Who do you believe?



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  1. I would much rather see another Mom recommend something, a person I can relate to. I love Cover Girl but not due to Drew, she looks so fake and all gummed up with that crap on. I wear it in a more natural way at times, simply to cover my freckles or that break out time during my period. I think that “real moms” should be getting compensated, movie stars make enough money already why can we not get into that market. Although, I will say there are more and more bloggers doing commercials, IDK if they are getting paid money or not but they should be!

    • Dove got it right years ago with their “Real Women have Curves” campaign. It was soooo popular, they need to look into that again. “Mommy Bloggers Get Headaches” would be a good one LOL

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I just got seriously burned by a PR firm after spending a good amount of time promoting a movie (the advance screening – my compensation – is being held in what might as well be another state) . Although I do think that the use of some celebrity endorsers has a lot to do with their talent or lack thereof in whatever is their field. They automatically appeal to their fan base, not necessarily you or I. We’re (people who live in the real world) are not the market they’re after.

    “Tits on a bull” … wow…

    • sorry I didn’t mean to O-fend 🙂 I think men fall for the celebrity spokesperson more easily than women though. Rob and I were discussing last night how he HAD to get our son Lebron Nikes, he was 2 yo at the time but it was a must.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Celebrity endorsements do nothing for me. Sometimes I wonder if they’ve ever even tried the product they’re slapping their name on. Like that football coach who does the male enhancement commercials … all I think is that he was really hurting for money.

  4. Do i think Halle Barry wears Revlon or Sarah Jessica Parker uses Garnier Fructis heck no. It’s silly and I never understood it. I remember Billy D Williams doing Colt45 commercials and even then I was confused and I was a kid.

  5. Quite honestly, I will actually NOT purchase a product if a celebrity that I find lacking in moral values/virtues is endorsing it. I will go over to the next brand in that case.

  6. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted says

    Yes but Drew Barrymore made you AWARE of the CoverGirl Lashblast mascara. The fact you remembered it is why it works. While I agree she won’t make me buy it they say when you are familiar with it or recognize the name you are more likely to purchase.

    Ps. I totally recommend Almay’s mascara LOL!

  7. AMEN sister!! As far as I’m concerned, they celebs do it for the money, NOT because they truly believe in the product and choose to back it…
    Totally agree with your comment on the Dove “Real Women” campaign. Would love to see more like that!

  8. I hear ya! I always research products before I buy them and I’m more likely to buy something from a review I get from a real person blogger than a celebrity.

  9. love this…
    although I was laughing in the beginning when i was picturing it as a post from ROB.
    For real though, i liked when vaseline did the thing with the bloggers… i would rather their opinions versus celebs any day!

  10. 1955nurse says

    I value REAL people’s opinions much more – after all, we need to remember that those celeb ‘Spokespeople’ are earing a SALARY – I love it when I read a beauty article about some celeb who’s talking about their “Beauty routine” and the actual products they use are different from the products they are photographed w/in ads!!! And I think we all have seen the mascara ads – every single one of them features someone w/FALSE EYELASHES on – so what does THAT say about their product?!?!?!?

  11. I agree with you I don’t care about actors and what they’re wearing and that they don’t say, “this is sponsored content” while they are making their commercial. Radio DJ’s drive me crazy too, talking about these products on-line, it’s a paid advertisement, but they say it like they have such a personal relationship with them. HA!

  12. I recently saw the “Hulk” (Hulk Hogan) on a commercial, and thought, how dumb! Would he have ever thought about doing that earlier in his life, nope, probably not. (Wish I could remember the name of that commercial but it was not something he looked like he fit into, LOL). I will not be persuaded to buy something just because a celebrity endorsed it, it means nothing to me. Now, if a average human being endorsed something, heck ya, I feel better about that. Great post!

  13. I definitely agree with you. I rather see all that money go into a charity instead of paying the people who are paid millions already endorse something. It doesn’t influence my opinion of their product. I am all about word of mouth.

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