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Say Bye-Bye

Have you notices all the empty shopping centers and store fronts lately. Here’s a list of retailers going out business, closing SOME stores or re-inventing themselves to survive in this changing market.

B. Dalton Bookstores-the mall bookstore as I like to call it. I’ve purchased things from here but now where near as often as the big names shops Borders and Barnes and Noble.
Liz Claiborne– I’ve never even seen a standalone Liz store. I mean I’ve seen the name in department stores and discount joints like TJ Maxx.
Movie Gallery– With all the Redbox and Blockbuster kiosks around and the obscene amount of free codes floating around I doubt we’d ever set foot in another movie rental store.
AJ Wright-I’ve heard commercials for this store and figured it was something like a TJMaxx. It’s a place I would enjoy shopping in but never had the pleasure.
PH8– the Bebe offspring that died before it even had a chance to breathe.
Borders-What a powerhouse bookseller. I wonder where they went wrong? About 1/3 of their stores will close.
Blockbuster-Again, the emergence of the convenient NetFlix and the inexpensive kiosks that rent DVDs, Blue-rays and games have killed this movie rental giant.
Quiznos– Eh…I’ve never really been a fan. The commercials make the sandwiches so good but in real life they weren’t so good. If I want a hoagie I’ll go a couple local places that do them right
Nine West-Growing up I’ve always thought of them as fancy shoes. They were go-tos when I worked but today I sport a mean flip-flop.
F.Y.E.-I don’t know the last time I bought a CD. DVDs and Blu-rays we do buy but the prices are better at Target, Best Buy and Walmart.



I Disclose


  1. It’s crazy all the stores going out of business. Our Blockbuster is gone, and FYE I guess will be now. But like you we hit Walmart

    • the prices are so much better at the bigbox stores for new stuff but I will miss the 3 for $20 on used movies, we built our DVD collection this way.

  2. Miss RJ Gould says

    Why would anyone by cd’s anymore??? You can get every single song you could ever want on iTunes! For half the price a CD would cost you! And as for dvd’s we usually get em at Walmart, Target, or Meijer. And we rent them via Netflix. (which is way better then Redbox or Blockbuster by the way!)

    Great article!

    • we don’t buy CDs but I’m sure not everyone has an iPod. I have one and NEVER use it but do use iTunes on my computer.

      • Yeah, I don’t have an iPod YET. (I’m working on it though! I’m going to try to get one by the end of this year!)) But, iTunes is fab if you use it on your computer! 😀

  3. Nine West is going out of business ? I didn’t know this about a few of the retailers on your list!

  4. It’s so sad how many companies are having to close their doors…

    • we used to be in Blockbuster all the time but they didn’t change with the times and just kept raising rental prices. We stopped going as well as so many other people.

  5. What?? Quizno’s is closing? When I left CA I had to leave behind Togo’s, but at least I still had Quizno’s. I craved their salads when I was pregnant!

  6. haha! I use to think nine west were fancy shoes too. yeah, not surprised about blockbuster, especially when you can get redbox for $1

  7. So many companies are going bust because of the economy. Our sales at my hardware store are down quite a bit from last year and we don’t have a lot of guests on a regular basis. Very scary to say the least. Saw the Blockbuster by my work is closing. So many jobs lost.

  8. I was surprised at some of the closings on your list. Some you attribute to our bad economy, but some are just a sign of the times, that we’ve moved on to something new. Still it’s sad that so many business will say adieu. I feel sorry for those losing their jobs. In 2011, getting a new job isn’t easy. In fact, no matter what the government says, 20 percent of our workforce is looking for jobs. It’s a scary time for all.

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