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Will Shaun and the Nintendo 3DS Get Along?

Yesterday after Shaun’s birthday party we went over to GameStop to pick up a Nintendo 3DS for him. I have been reading about the 3DS for a few months now and how you can see 3D effects without having to wear special glasses. I have also read contradictory reports on how the Nintendo 3DS can be bad on children’s eyes if they are under the age of 6.

I am not a doctor so I am not sure what to think but I decided to actually give the 3DS a try for myself to see what it was all about. Within seconds of looking at the 3DS and the 3D screen I got a headache and my eyes were bugging out. I wasn’t totally surprised at the results considering IMAX movies give me a headache and I am not able to watch TV or read in the car since I typically tend to get headaches and get sick.

Melinda and I told Shaun that if he starts getting headaches or sick while playing the Nintendo 3DS to let us know immediately. He played last night with no problems as of yet.

This morning when I got to work I read an article that said the Nintendo 3DS will help sport problems in kids. I thought that comment was interested since the manufacturer warnings that its 3-D screen shouldn’t be used by children 6 or younger because it may harm their immature vision. The article went on the say:

“The 3DS could be a godsend for identifying kids under 6 who need vision therapy,” said Dr. Michael Duenas, associate director for health sciences and policy for the American Optometric Association.

You can read the full article HERE.

I am not what or who to believe. All I can do as a parent is monitor Shaun and see how he feels while he plays the Nintendo 3DS. Considering the Nintendo 3DS just came out on 3/27/11 I am sure more articles and studies will be published in the coming months.

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