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This Will Force You To Be A Safer Driver

I wrote a post a while back about Sabreena getting her driver’s license in less than a year and how I am freaking out. What worries me most is her being a new driver and being distracted by other people in the car in addition to her phone, radio, etc. I recently stumbled upon a company called Inthinc.

Inthinc offers something called Inthinc vehicle tracking. I would love to have one of these installed in Sabreena’s car and not necessarily because I don’t trust her but more to be able to monitor her driving habits real time.

Teens are not necessarily bad drivers, but they are inexperienced drivers. inthinc provides a comprehensive solution with real-time mentoring, an opportunity to correct behavior, and accountability that all work together to help teens be better, safer drivers. Families who use the inthinc system may also be able to receive insurance discounts and avoid escalating rates due to tickets or accidents.

To me this is one of the best creations and I know it is used by companies but the fact that this available to the consumer is awesome. It is pretty cool that insurance companies are starting to offer discounts if you use this device. They probably figure you will be a safer driver if you are being monitored.

How do you feel about a device like this in your or your child’s car? Do you think you would be a better/safer driver with one in your car?

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