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DIYs I Want to Try

I’m a handy girl at heart. I love renovation and antiquing shows and love the people who bring back something they find hidden in basement or grungy attic. I don’t have that special eye to look at something blah and know it’s potential. I live for renovation, repurposing and antiquing shows; it gives me hope that someday I might have a little spark of inspiration and run with it.

Some things I would love to try:

  • Sewing-more than just a simple pair of fleece baby jammie pants
  • Stained Glass-I have one piece that my mother bought for me and I want more
  • Bread baking-pizza dough I can do but I’m scared of bread
  • Wood Refinishing-I see old cabinets and tables at thrift stores and wonder if stripping and staining would give it new life
  • Rose Gardening-Everything I’ve read has me so intimidated to even attempt 1 rose bush
  • Pottery-Graceful I am NOT. I can already see a crooked bowl or uneven coffee mug

Ever visit 30 Days of Lists? This is where I got the idea to write this post. Lots of great writing inspiration over there.



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