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Desks Are Stressing Me Out

When we moved last July we had to sell our corner computer desk because we felt that our new place just didn’t have enough space but almost a year later I think we were wrong. On a daily basis Melinda mentions the little nook in our living room and how it would look nice with some sort of desk in it and always tells me that we need to go look at corner computer desks or a nice corner writing desk.

I agree with her to a point because I would like to have some kind of desk to sit at when I work from home or when I am doing blog work but I am afraid it might clutter our living room. This may be the first time in our 10 year marriage that we have had a nice uncluttered living room with nice furniture and I am afraid to add anything new to the mix.

I know what people are thinking, if we get a small nice desk there should be no reason for our living room to become cluttered and in the back of my head I agree but I am just afraid to bring more furniture into the house.

In the end I am sure I will cave and we will be getting a desk and I am sure I will be the one to use it most even though right now I am the one who is hesitant on making the purchase. Now the next step is finding a desk that will fit and look nice so I don’t freak out over the clutter?

Have any desk suggestions? If so I am wide open to them!

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